FreedomRewardz is a Loyalty Program launched for State Bank Group Debit Card customers. At FreedomRewardz, we believe that you must be rewarded whenever you choose to buy a product or pay for a service using your State Bank Group Debit Card. You chose our product/service over a host of options that you have. You reposed your trust and faith in us. You must be rewarded. Every time! FreedomRewardz will reward you in multiple ways that will get you your desired reward and /or service as fast as possible.

Membership into FreedomRewardz

All State Bank Group Debit Card holders are pre-enrolled into FreedomRewardz, on an individual basis. Each member will have only a single membership with FreedomRewardz, irrespective of the number or types of accounts held with the State Bank Group. However, members need to activate the FreedomRewardz account by visiting www.FreedomRewardz.com or by calling at 6000-8500.

How can you earn FreedomPoints

  • Every member of FreedomRewardz is eligible to accrue FreedomPoints.
  • FreedomRewardz members can earn & accumulate FreedomPoints for all their Spends at Point of Sales (POS) using your State Bank Group Debit Card.
  • FreedomRewardz members can accrue 1 point for every multiple of Rs.200 spent at Point of Sales(POS) and online transactions using their State Bank Group Debit Card.
  • There is a large network of brands, merchants and services associated with FreedomRewardz – our Network Partners.
  • FreedomRewardz members can earn FreedomPoints at an accelerated rate for the Spends at our Network Partner organizations.
  • New Network Partner organizations are added continuously.

  • How can you check your FreedomRewardz account balance

    Consumers can check FreedomPoints 24X7 by :
  • Making a local call on 60008500 or 1-800-209-8500
  • Visiting www.FreedomRewardz.com and logging into your personal FreedomRewardz account.

  • What can you do with your FreedomPoints

    FreedomRewardz members can redeem their FreedomPoints to get FREE gifts, merchandise and services from our redemption platform.This platform of FREE gifts, merchandize and services includes:
  • Personalized products
  • Airline tickets,
  • Bus tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge
  • Entertainment products, Electronic items
  • Family, Home, Fashion & Beauty products
  • Music and Sports products
  • Limited-time Seasonal Rewardz, etc

  • This platform of Goods and Services will remain dynamic. There will be new goods and services being added continually to keep the redemption options refreshed for you. Card member will need to achieve a threshold of 300 FreedomPoints to be eligible to redeem. FreedomPoints need to redeemed within 18 months of earning them. Unredeemed FreedomPoints will expire as per the follwoing schedule:
    • At the end of three years for points earned before 1st January 2013.
    • At the end of 18 months for points earned on or after 1st January 2013.

    How can our customers redeem FreedomPoints

    Customers can redeem FreedomPoints 24X7 by :

    • Visiting www.FreedomRewardz.com and logging into your personal FreedomRewardz account

    Or by

    • Making a local call on 60008500 or 1-800-209-8500 (Mon to Sat from 9 AM to 9 PM and on Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM)

    Welcome to a whole new world of getting rewarded, for everything you do.
    Welcome to FreedomRewardz.